Calorie Burn Challenge—Adam Kahrl

20 September 2021
Adam Kahrl, Chief Operating Officer for the YMCA of South Hampton Roads, working out in the fitness center

Meet Adam Kahrl, Chief Operating Officer, and do his weekly workout for the calorie burn challenge!

Hi! I am Adam Kahrl, and I am the Chief Operating Officer here at the YMCA of South Hampton Roads. I love my job and my community, and I love all that the Y has allowed me to learn over the decades I have served in roles across the country within the organization. One incredibly important thing it has taught me is the importance of health! My main philosophy on healthy living is once you find the will to fall into good habits, those habits generally stick. For me, the challenge comes in digging deep to FIND that will and KEEP that will. Sure, I can plan ahead and meal prep, pack my workout clothes the night before to bring to work with me and have it all packaged nicely to ensure a productive day (which I attempt to do as much as I can)... BUT the extra sleep and the pizza for dinner is way more fun!

All joking aside, I try to maintain a fairly healthy routine with at least four workouts, or physical activities, every week. There really is no certain method to my workouts except that I enjoy the most, and find I am most successful, when I do full-body workouts mixed with cardio. My latest favorite activity combines those two nicely—mountain biking! Mountain biking provides me the opportunity to exercise, get a little thrill seeking adventure checked off the list and most importantly it gives me quality time with my wife and teenage son. We enjoy taking our bikes to cool new places, and we use it as an opportunity to be healthy and connect with one another.

The workout I chose to share with you is a good example of one I would do on a day I workout at the gym. It is a good mix of weights for chest and triceps, and some cardio, two elements that are important to my physical conditioning for my mountain bike adventures. Keeping a balance of strength and cardio health keeps me safe while I bike (no matter the terrain). Enjoy it...and who knows, maybe I will see you soon out on the trails!

20 minute bike ride 
Workout (4 sets, 10-12 reps each time)
Incline dumbbell bench press
Dumbbell bench press
Decline dumbbell bench press
Cable flys
Dumbbell tricep overhead extensions
Ddumbbell tricep kickbacks
Cable tricep pulldowns
Cable tricep kickbacks

If you haven't already signed up for the calorie burn challenge in the YMCA App, you still have time to!

Here's how it will work:

  • Go to the My YMCA tab on your YMCASHR App (usually the default tab when you open your App), scroll down to the Calorie Burn Challenge, and tap Join.
  • Log your workouts in your YMCASHR App from September 12–October 17 and earn a spot on the leaderboard, PLUS be entered to win one of the prizes listed above. 
  • Look for the weekly workout from a member of the Senior Leadership Team in the App to help you along, and make sure to check out their corresponding bio on the blog on the Y's website

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