Q/A on the Expiration of ActivTrax at the Y

14 September 2021
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Beginning in December, the use of ActivTrax at YMCA of South Hampton Roads locations will retire. We understand that this was a feature enjoyed by some of our members, and know that saying goodbye to it may be disappointing. However, we believe that we have implemented some new and exciting alternatives to this system, specifically our improved YMCA App, launched in September of 2020. Take a look below at some Q/A points that may help answer the what's and why's of the sunsetting of the ActivTrax feature, as well as guide you to the next best way to stay on track with your fitness goals while utilizing other healthy living resources at the Y! 

Why are you sunsetting ActivTrax? We upgraded your ability to build and track your workouts, as well as earn points for exercising, with the implementation of our YMCA App experience in September 2020. Through this new App, YMCA staff provides weekly/monthly fitness plans created by a certified personal trainer and delivers them to YMCA App users at the start of each week. Users also have the ability to build a library of their own personalized workouts.

I liked the fact I could compete in ActivTrax through the point system. How will I do that now if that was something that motivated me? In addition to weekly workouts, the App offers monthly challenges that allow you to compete similarly as you would through ActivTrax, with leaderboards and rankings, if that is something that kept you motivated in ActivTrax. These challenges also give you opportunities to win cool prizes and earn points that can eventually be used towards prizes.

What about my workout on ActivTrax? Your ActivTrax history and personal workouts won't transfer to the YMCA app, however, we would encourage you to create your favorite workouts on the app or use the trainer-created workouts each week. You can also create and save your favorite workouts in the YMCA App to access them anytime you'd like. Any Y staff person would be happy to show you how to utilize this feature on the YMCA App, and we also have these nifty videos to show you some quick tips! 

I don't want to download or use the App. If you don't wish to use the YMCA App, we can print your workouts from ActivTrax and leave them in a binder for you at the fitness desk.

What about my ActivTrax points, do they transfer? Your points will not transfer so we hope you'll take this opportunity to cash them out for your Y points gear. The YMCA App does have new, different rewards available also tied to your fitness routine, like free personal training, a free month of membership, free Y swag and more! You can start earning points right away in the App by simply downloading it and filling in your profile information.