Impact Membership

$5/month, endless IMPACT

The IMPACT Network, is a community service, professional development and educational network for changemakers to work together to address critical community issues, like health equity, financial wellness, mental health, food security and more.

For just $60/year or $5/month, and no YMCA membership required, IMPACT Network participants have the opportunity to actively engage in network building, community relationship fostering and professional growth opportunities through symposiums, service projects and networking events. Network members will also gain access to the IMPACT directory to further engage with their peers outside of IMPACT events.

Symposium and service projects starting Spring 2022!
These symposium topics and action projects will refresh yearly to ensure the most critically important and relevant topics throughout our community are addressed.

2022 Symposium & Action Project Topics

Food Equity


Coming Spring 2022
Local experts will lead learning symposiums to educate IMPACT network members on food insecurity and how they can help their neighbors. Members will then partner to create or support an existing food program to help feed their neighbors.

Health Equity


Coming Summer 2022
Health experts lead learning symposiums to educate IMPACT network members on mental health and resources at all ages and stages of life. Members will then work with the YMCA marketing department to create a public mental health awareness campaign.

Financial Equity


Coming Fall 2022
Local financial experts lead learning symposiums to educate IMPACT network members on equitable financial health practices. Members will then partner to bring financial health projects to local schools and adult community programs.

Social Equity


Coming Winter 2022
Hear testimonials and action plans from our community members and leaders discussing positive and negative experiences around equitable distribution of services and the commitment to promote fairness. Members will then create an action plan for social equity with the group to implement personally, professionally and in their community.