Stacey's Dancing Her Way to Healthy

2 January 2013

Stacey, Y member and Zumba enthusiast

When Stacey first came to the Y, she weighed over 310 pounds. She didn't feel well and her blood pressure was high enough to need medication. At her young age she was concerned, so she asked her doctor what she could do to improve her health. "Eat well and get moving" was the answer.

Encouraged by the staff at the Y, Stacey tried Zumba, a workout class that uses dance moves set to Latin music, and loved it. She also met a classmate named Monica who was battling some of the same issues. Monica guided Stacey on nutrition, keeping a food journal, and ways to keep moving. Stacey called Monica her Bob Harper from The Biggest Loser. They shared healthy snacks which kept them away from the vending machines. They supported each other. 

Stacey has lost over 80 pounds, no longer needs blood pressure medicine and now feels so good that she's become a Zumba instructor at the Y so that she can help others achieve their wellness goals.