YMCA Lifeguards are Getting Ready for the Summer

18 May 2016


On Saturday, May 21, lifeguards from the entire YMCA of South Hampton Roads association will train and compete with each other at the annual lifeguard challenge. This yearly event serves as an important in-service training, but it is also a chance for friendly rivalry between the aquatics staff from the different family centers. Because all YMCAs participate in this training, pools will close early on this date. Please refer to the 2016 Aquatic Event Guide for each YMCA family center's closing time on this date.

The YMCA’s outdoor and indoor pools see hundreds of members and guests come through every day to swim, cool off, play and socialize. And each of those days at these pools begins with the lifeguards.

There are a multitude of duties that go into keeping the pool environment safe and fun. Aside from the “housekeeping” duties of the job, such as keeping pool chemical levels in balance, having backboards ready and making sure all equipment is in proper working order, lifeguards are also required to complete a weekly in-service. This could be practicing backboard use with another guard, handling situations simulating an actual emergency, demonstrating CPR and First Aid skills, or even swimming laps. Drop drills are also frequently executed. At least once a week, a silhouette or red ball is inconspicuously dropped into the pool. This drill is timed and recorded, ensuring that guards are scanning at all times.

At the Y, we take water safety very seriously. We care about our members and want to ensure the safest possible atmosphere in and around the water. Remember, when the whistle blows, look to a lifeguard immediately!