Enhance flexibility, endurance and strength in a fun, motivating atmosphere through Martial Arts and boxing classes. Martial Arts incorporates basic athletic movements adapted from boxing, kickboxing, tae kwon do and kung fu. Boxing keeps you moving as you jab and hit your way through your workout, all for a stronger you!



In just 30 minutes of jabs and hits, participants will experience a five-minute warm-up followed by seven 90-second punching rounds and seven 90-second active recovery rounds. Hit every aspect of conditioning training, in an interval format. This fun, exciting program provides a workout like no other! SEE THE SCHEDULE.


A gripping hour that burns a ton of calories and builds total body strength. Tap into the hottest mixed martial arts movements done at a rapid-fire pace to smash your cardio fitness! From the boxing ring to the fighting cage, Group Fight combines cutting-edge moves with thrilling music. This electric experience is addictive! SEE THE SCHEDULE.


A Martial Arts class using the opponent's weight and balance against them rather then forcing them in a direction. Judo means “gentle way” and is a sport, martial art, and self defense class that is appropriate for any member age 8 and up.


Enjoy a healthier life through martial arts. This class will teach you the positive benefits of martial arts: focus, awareness, coordination, fitness and self-defense. Classes are open to all ages and abilities. Join us in learning lifelong skills while having fun. Students may begin at any time.


A cardiovascular class that incorporates martial arts, shadow boxing, kickboxing and sports drills.

Kickboxing & More

A cardiovascular class that incorporates martial arts, shadow boxing, kickboxing & sports drills. Abs workout or weights may be incorporated.

Tai Chi

An ancient Chinese discipline focused on slow fluid movements for balance, control, precision, strength and flexibility.