Child Care | YMCA of South Hampton Roads
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With so many demands on today's families and the increased focus on early childhood development, families need all the support they can get to nurture the potential of youth. We support children by providing a safe and healthy place to learn foundational skills, develop healthy, trusting relationships and build self-reliance through the Y values of caring, honesty, respect, responsibility and faith. At the Y, we believe the values and skills learned early on are vital building blocks for quality of life and future success. That's why our child care programs are staffed with people who understand the cognitive, physical and social development of kids, the need children have to feel connected and supported in trying new things, and the caring and reinforcement parents and families need to help each other.

Interactive Zones

Ages 5 and up have fun with active games in a safe, supervised environment.

Parents Morning Out

Feel confident knowing your child is happy, healthy and entertained while you enjoy a few hours on your own.

Parents Night Out

Enjoy a night off while your children are having fun at the Y.

Preschool Child Care

At the Y, preschoolers experience early literacy and learn about their world.

After-School Programs

Before- and after-school programs serve kids with a variety of activities to explore and develop their interests and talents.

Stay & Play

Kids ages 6 weeks through 7 years have fun playing while you are at the Y.

The YMCA of South Hampton Roads is dedicated to putting Judeo-Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.