Aqua Personal Training

Aqua Personal Training

SpeedoFit® personal training in the water offers a fresh new challenge for athletes looking for a competitive edge, individuals struggling with simple daily movement and everyone in between. Resistance training in every direction works the entire body without the impact on joints and muscles, resulting in increased strength and decreased soreness.

Small Group Session • July 9–August 3
Monday & Friday • 6–7am at the indoor pool
Eight sessions: $180/person

Partner Sessions
One session: $35/person Eight sessions: $225/person
Four sessions: $120/person Twelve sessions: $305/person

Private Sessions
One session: $40 member rate; $65 regular rate
Four sessions: $140 member rate; $225 regular rate
Eight sessions: $260 member rate; $415 regular rate
Twelve sessions: $350 member rate; $560 regular rate

For more information
Contact Senior Director of Healthy Living, Melissa Scraba
at (757) 547-9622 or email