You can, and you will. With the right personal trainer.

YMCA Certified Personal Trainers are here to help take your fitness to the next level, with guided individualized exercise programs to help you achieve and maintain your health and wellness goals. Our trainers are attentive to your health and wellness history so that you can experience a comfortable, safe and non-intimidating environment, regardless of your age or ability. Personal training sessions are available as private sessions, partner sessions or in small groups, and can be delivered in person or virtually.

New member? Two free personal training sessions are included in your membership.


Private Personal Training

Work one-on-one with your trainer, who will develop a plan and lead you through supervised workouts tailored to help you maximize your fitness.

Partner Personal Training

Share your training session with a partner and work together to maximize your strengths and improve your weaknesses. Training schedules will be scheduled together with your trainer as best meets your schedule.

Small Group Personal Training

Training in a small group makes personal training affordable for all! Take your fitness to the next level through increased accountability and fun, working out at pre-scheduled times. Bring your friends or make new ones! Coaching and instruction by a nationally certified personal trainer is included throughout the workout.


Women On Weights

Designed for women who want to increase their strength and fitness, Women on Weights focuses on teaching exercise routines using free weights. Groups are small and are for beginner to advanced strength training.