5 Reasons you want to be a Charter Member at the new Northampton County YMCA

10 March 2021
Artist rendering of the front view of the Northampton County YMCA

Have you been dreaming about the day you can swim in our outdoor pool, dance your heart out in Zumba, or share a cup of coffee and a chat with a friend in the lobby? Then you do NOT want to miss out on our exclusive Charter Membership options!

Charter Membership is an exclusive package full of special benefits and perks that we’ve put together for our first members who join the Northampton County YMCA.

1. Keep money in your pocket 

By joining the new Y during our Charter Membership period, you’ll save up to $75 with no joining fee. PLUS get special member rates EARLY on overnight camp at Camp Silver Beach and complimentary fitness offerings. Put that money to something else – like personal training or swim lessons at the Y! Who doesn’t like to save money?

2. Experience the new facility before anyone else

You'll get access to the new Y before the general public and an invitation to a VIP Sneak Peek event. Splash around in the outdoor pool, take a fitness class or be the FIRST to step foot on one of the treadmills. Bragging rights, anyone?

3. Charter Members will have the opportunity to help shape the future of this Y

Your input as a Y member matters, and your enthusiasm to get involved even before the doors of the Y open by enrolling as a Charter Member proves that you are invested in the Y's role in your community. Charter Members will receive an invitation to come be a part of our Volunteer Task Force meetings to shape the first-year of programming at the Northampton County YMCA. 

4. You’ll be part of the Gold Charter Membership Card Club

Will the special card make you run faster? Swim with more force? Eat more kale? We can’t say, but it will sparkle in the sun!

5. You have options to choose from

Who doesn't like options? You can choose to become a charter member now for the perks and not pay monthly membership dues until the new Y opens, or you can choose to start your monthly payment NOW and use the other YMCA locations near you NOW. This is not a gimmick. It’s just a really great deal, created for our new friends that we can't wait to meet at the Y! 

Why wouldn’t you sign up for Charter Membership?