Amanda Letterman Completes Multi-Team/Branch Leader Certification

17 July 2019
A photo of Amanda Letterman Executive Director of YMCA JT's Camp Grom

Amanda Letterman, Executive Director at YMCA JT’s Camp Grom, recently completed her Multi-Team/Branch Leader certification from the YMCA of the USA. We caught up with her to ask about her time at the Y.
How long have you worked for the YMCA of South Hampton Roads?
11.5 years— 5 as a Business Director, 5 as a Director of Membership & Marketing, and the remaining as a Director of Operations/Executive Director.

What is your favorite part of your job?
I love that the YMCA allows us to interact with different types of people. I get the opportunity to make friends of all different ages, ethnicities, stories, and backgrounds. It makes my life extremely colorful and allows me to have experiences I wouldn’t otherwise have.

Which course was your favorite, and why?
I really enjoyed "Strengthening Inclusion: Engaging Communities of Diverse Abilities". We have such an opportunity to live the “For All” portion of our mission through broadening our vision of what accessibility looks like. With one in four people living with a differing ability, we must ensure that those 25% of our visitors are being welcomed through inclusive facilities, equipment, programming, and an organization that strives to reach all.

What did receiving your certification do for you personally?
Continued learning in the YMCA always provides me the lens to see how big our organization really is. There are so many Y professionals that are doing amazing work around the globe that everyone should be exposed to in an effort to become inspired, further their own personal and professional growth, and apply to their own YMCA initiatives.

Please join us in congratulating Amanda on this accomplishment!