Calorie Burn Challenge—Anthony Walters

4 October 2021
Anthony Walters, President & CEO for the YMCA of South Hampton Roads, working out in the fitness center

Hi Y friends! I’m Anthony Walters, the President and CEO for the YMCA of South Hampton Roads, and I want you to know that it has been one of my greatest honors to serve our community in this role. This workout series over the last month is such a unique way to connect with you all, and to me it makes sense—as the Y is one of the most accessible and well-rounded healthy living resources for so many, and the desire to be healthy is something that I believe connects us all at the Y! Therefore, I am excited to share some background on myself and about my fitness journey. 

I am going to start with one unique thing about me that may help you understand why cycling is my favorite—I used to be a motorcyclist! I love the open road and the open air. It is freeing, relaxing and makes me feel at peace. Nowadays, I get my cycling fix by taking evening bike rides with my wife to connect, download about our days and get some physical activity done. We love the loop in our neighborhood, but you can also find us out at the Dismal Swamp Trail or out on the bike trail on the Virginia Beach Oceanfront (give me a wave if you ride by me!).

Until my 40’s, I was a three sport athlete—I played basketball, baseball and flag football, and made sure to work in weight training to my routine. Since I have stopped those sports, my main goal is to stay active in order to simply keep a clean bill of health. I want a healthy heart and I want to feel good! I find the best way to accomplish that is to hold myself accountable, and to do that, my wife and I partner-up and participate in personal training. PT allows me to know that I am on the right track, it gives me the motivation I need to push through (I can’t disappoint my trainer!), and most of all, it gets me closer to the results I am looking for because my trainer makes sure to get the best out of my athletic ability. I avoid the scale, I don’t practice a rigorous diet (except to make sure I always have a well-balanced meal most of the time) and I make sure to listen to my body. I consider myself a man of moderation, and it works for me! (Except for donuts, rare purchases, but they’re my kryptonite.)

Because I stay pretty busy, when I do hit the gym (which is about 2-3 times a week), I like to get the most out of my workout in the shortest amount of time that I can. This workout allows me to get a full-body workout done pretty quickly. Take a crack at it! And, don’t forget, if you complete the five week challenge through the YMCASHR App that we have laid out for you, you could be working out alongside me soon with a group personal training session...that would be the second greatest honor of my life!

TRX Front Plank—3 sets, 30 seconds
TRX Bridges—3 sets, 15 reps
Cable Chops, Half Kneeling—4 sets, 20 reps

Workout (4 rounds, 2 minute break between each round)
Cable Squat to Row—15 reps
Battle Ropes—30 seconds
TRX Rows—20 reps
TRX Deltoid Flys—15 reps
Medicine Ball Slams—20 reps
Cable Step-Ups—15 reps