Calorie Burn Challenge—Bill Zazynski

28 September 2021
Bill Zazynski, Chief Property & Facilities Officer for the YMCA of South Hampton Roads, working out in the fitness center

Hey everyone! I’m Bill Zazynski, the Chief Property and Facilities Officer for the YMCA of South Hampton Roads. I have been with the Y for a few decades, 30 years to be exact! It has been a very large part of my life for some time, has taken me to places like Boston and Roanoke, and has had a positive impact on my healthy lifestyle choices.

Since part of my job responsibilities consist of overseeing the purchasing of equipment for our YMCA health and wellness floors, I have a slight edge knowing exactly how equipment can be used to maximize my workouts. This helps influence my choices so that I can maintain my physical fitness for something that has also had a positive impact on my life—the game of golf! Golf has been a part of my routine for a long time, and I have used it to connect with my family and learn important life lessons like integrity and determination. I even won a Jeep during a tournament for a hole in one! 

To stay game ready, I typically workout 30-45 minutes, three times a week, and my workouts are usually a bit higher intensity. I incorporate TRX straps, resistance bands, stability balls and sand bags to ensure that my workouts help keep my upper body, core and trunk strong, very important areas of the body for golf technique. In addition, I try to cycle frequently (I used to love to run but unfortunately I have an upcoming knee surgery this month).

I would be remiss if I did not also share that walking my Bloodhound Heaven Scent on the Virginia Beach boardwalk is another large part of my routine! Walking with her brings me some peace similar to playing golf, and we walk a few miles a day. 

Take a peek at one of my workouts below. If you want to follow along with a visual on how to complete some of these movements, make sure to use the YMCASHR App and find my workout of the week. In the app it is super easy to follow this workout, step by step, with accompanying visuals! Maybe I will see you on the links soon too!

Warmup—2 sets
Cable shoulder internal rotation sitting
Cable shoulder external rotation sitting

Abs—3 sets
Front Plank with Rotation
Cable Trunk Rotation
Ball Hip Rotation
TRX Core Rotation 
TRX Bench Press

Workout—4 sets
Dumbbell Bench Press Single-Arm Rotated on ball
TRX Rowing Narrow with Rotation 
Dumbbell Shoulder Press Single-Arm Rotated, half kneeling
Bulgarian Bag Split Squats rotated to front leg