Christina Weiss Completes Team Leader & Multi-Team Leader Certifications

8 January 2019
Christina Weiss - District Aquatic Director of the Albemarle Y

Christina Weiss, District Aquatic Director at the Albemarle Family YMCA recently completed her Team Leader and Multi-Team Leader certifications from the YMCA of the USA. We caught up with her to ask her a little bit about her time at the Y.
How long have you worked for the YMCA of South Hampton Roads?
12.5 years

What is your favorite part of your job?
Hearing how we as a Y have made an impact in peoples lives. For example, the joy when kids and adults meet a goal they have set for themselves or when we hear from members that a skill they learned may have helped save their lives.

What did you enjoy about Principles & Practices?
I really liked learning from the other participants. There was a huge variety of positions and departments represented. I also enjoyed the various speakers that shared. My favorite was Chad Nico Hiu. His passion for the Y was evident throughout his whole presentation. The quote that stuck with me was "Without struggle, there is no success. Getting lost will help you find yourself."

What did receiving your certification do for you personally?
The leadership team I work with have always encouraged me to continue the process of completing my goal. The requirements have changed and my position has changed, but I never stopped working towards it. I have been able to prove to myself that this is where I belong and where I will succeed. I feel this journey to complete my certifications became more than just checking boxes. It has allowed me to find value in my unusual journey in my career.
Please join us in congratulating Christina on this accomplishment!