Exciting Changes Coming to the OBX YMCA!

9 November 2023
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Here's A Sneak Peek Into the Upcoming Renovations!

We're thrilled to announce a series of upgrades to the wellness center at the Outer Banks Family YMCA. These renovations will enhance and elevate your fitness experience and create a comfortable space for all our members and guests. Now, let's jump into the details:

  1. Fresh new rubber floors:
    • We're rolling out brand-new rubber floors throughout the wellness center. These floors will provide a comfortable and supportive surface for all your workouts.
  2. Floor leveling:
    • To ensure a smooth and even workout space, we'll be performing floor leveling. This essential step will contribute to a safer fitness environment.
  3. Repairs and new electric:
    • Our commitment to providing top-notch facilities includes making necessary repairs and running new electric lines. This will enhance the functionality and safety of our gym space.
  4. New TVs:
    • Get ready for an upgraded viewing experience! We're installing new TVs throughout the wellness center so you can stay entertained and motivated during your workouts.
  5. New dumbbells:
    • We're investing in new dumbbells to refresh our equipment inventory.
  6. 24-Hour Access Free for December:
    • 24-hour access will be unavailable during these updates, due to this we're offering 24-hour access free of charge for the entire month of December!

Important Dates and Details:

  • These renovations will start on Saturday, December 2nd, and will run through Saturday, December 16th.
  • Due to equipment being moved, the building will be closed on Saturday, December 2nd, and will remain closed through Sunday, December 3rd. The building will also be closed on Saturday, December 16th.
  • There will be no 24-hour access from Saturday, December 2nd to Saturday, December 16th. Access will be restored on Sunday, December 17 at 5pm. 
  • The basketball gymnasium will temporarily house limited equipment from Monday, December 4th to Friday, December 15th due to electricity-related work.

Gym Equipment:

Fitness Equipment in the basketball gymnasium will include:

  • 4 powered treadmills 
  • Unpowered cardio equipment 
  • Free weight benches 
  • Dumbbells 
  • Strength Circuit 
  • Limited free-weight stations 
  • Expresso bikes (will be set up near the racquetball courts)

We can't wait for you to experience these fantastic improvements. Thank you for your patience and support as we work to make our wellness center an even better place for everyone. Get ready for a new and improved fitness journey!