In her own words: Erin's Y story

14 December 2023

Reflecting on her family's and her experience, Erin shares how thankful she is for the Y.

Erin Robinson taking a group exercise class at the YMCA of Portsmouth

Y member Erin writes, "I’ve been extremely thankful for the fellowship and support that the Y has offered my family, especially to my kids during times where my husband has been deployed. It is so hard to transition into a single parent lifestyle, on top on trying to keep up with a healthy habits.

The Y has provided me with the options to remain focused on my health -physical and mental, while having a place that my kids enjoy going, with people they feel safe and comfortable with. 

Marco’s bootcamp class at the Portsmouth YMCA has challenged my fitness level by providing the right amount of push to achieve more along with the appropriate support on how to do this at your own individual pace. 

Over the last few years, I have met incredible people, become  a part of a strong bootcamp team and gained irreplaceable friendships. Without the Y, a lot of what I have accomplished over the last few years would have been so much harder."