Member Appreciation Day

13 March 2023
Gold and silver balloons with gold confetti

Our organization's greatest asset is our members because without them, we would not have the Y. Whether you’re on the wellness floor, taking a group exercise class, participating in a program, or just saying hi at the Welcome Desk, it would be hard to accurately portray just how much you mean to us. We reached out to several staff members across our association to share how you positively impact us each day. 

Wendy Lassiter is Member Experience Leader at the Currituck Family Y and can sometimes be seen assisting at the Great Bridge/Hickory states, “I have several members who simply light up my day when they come in! They are friendly, jovial, and love to have encouraging exchanges with me before working out. I often see them after hours as well while walking and working out here at our Currituck facility. We have some of the most beautiful smiling, kind, and authentic people here in our YMCA community. We actually look forward to our brief but meaningful exchanges during the week! We laugh, share antidotes for life, and encourage one another to continue along the path to healthy, happy living!”

Tiana Grafentine, Group Exercise Coordinator at the Princess Anne Family YMCA said, “The connections and relationships I have built with members are the reasons I look forward to coming to work each day. When I teach a class, I feel like I am in a room with my best friends! These interactions with members are the best part of my job.” 

Tasha Lucy, the Regional Membership Director for the Eastern Shore/Northampton County Family YMCA’s, exclaimed, “The members of my Y mean so much to me because they are my FAMILY.” 

So today and every day, we want you to know that you are what makes the Y, THE Y. There would not be a US without YOU.  

Please join us for a special treat to celebrate you on Thursday, March 23rd at the Welcome Desk during operating hours at any of our locations.