REGYMEN Coach Highlight

26 February 2020
Jen L, REGYMEN Coach

Meet Jen Lyashenko!

"I first started taking Regymen workouts in January of 2019, when it was introduced at the Y at Edinburgh.  After my three free workouts I was hooked! I really enjoyed it, not just the workouts, but the community surrounding Regymen. I got great results from doing the workouts and feel like I am the fittest I've been in years. I believe in everything Regymen stands for so I was really excited when the opportunity came up to become a coach in the summer of 2019. Working as a coach does not feel like a job—I feel very grateful to do something that I love and feel passionate about. I get to help members challenge themselves and strive to reach their goals. At the same time, we all have fun doing it. If you don't believe me then come and talk to some of our Regymen members after the workout! Outside of being a Regymen Coach, I have three small children ages 10, 8 and 4—they keep me pretty busy! If I am not at the Y for Regymen then you will probably find me at the Y for swim practice as my oldest children swim for TIDE."