Standing with Ukraine: How you can help the YMCA's relief efforts

24 March 2022
Blue and Yellow fields of the flag of Ukraine

YMCAs in Eastern Europe are providing critical humanitarian relief to Ukrainians.

On February 24 - exactly one month ago today - Russia invaded Ukraine, sparking an international crisis that has resulted in massive destruction, loss of life and more than 3 million people displaced and seeking refuge. But on that very same day, the global YMCA movement sprang into action, mobilizing critical resources to support those directly impacted in Ukraine, as well as those fleeing to surrounding countries

The YMCA in Ukraine & Europe
As a global organization with a presence in 120 countries, the YMCA has deep roots in Ukraine, Russia, and many of the surrounding countries affected by the conflict currently unfolding. In Ukraine, there are 25 local YMCAs around the country reaching tens of thousands of youth and young adults each year through programs that support physical and mental health, enrichment and civic engagement. Through YMCA Europe’s Roots for Peace Program, more than 15,000 young leaders from Ukraine, Russia, and other countries in the region have engaged in critical peace-building and reconciliation efforts over the past 15 years.

How the Y is supporting those effected by the conflict 
Through YMCA of the USA’s World Service Campaign, the Y is partnering with YMCAs across Europe and around the world to provide critical support for youth, families and communities in need, including:

  • Emergency support, including food, clothing, housing, transportation and psychosocial counseling for internally displaced people and Ukrainian refugees in Romania, Moldova,Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.
  • Coordination of regional response efforts and local, national and regional partnerships.
  • Support to re-establish long-term peace and reconciliation, cooperation and youth programs between Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

How you can help
With millions of displaced people and refugees coming out of Ukraine, financial resources are critically needed at this time. To support the Y’s crisis response efforts in Ukraine, we encourage you to:

  • Make a donation. 100% of your donation will go directly to the humanitarian work that YMCAs are doing in Ukraine and at the borders.
  • Attend the Y's Prayer Breakfast for Ukraine on April 22.
  • Designate YMCA World Service as your charity of choice through the Lyft app. To do this, open the Lyft app on your phone, go to the menu on the upper left corner of your screen, and select “Donate.” Select “YMCA World Service Campaign” from the list of charitable causes, and Lyft will round up the cost and donate the difference every time you ride! When you’re done, click “Share” to encourage your friends and family members to do the same. Lyft will also match donations up to $500,000. 

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