Treat Yourself

11 May 2023
Gold stars against green background with words TREAT YOURSELF

We're happy to announce the return of rewards in the YMCA Universal app! Now, you have easier ways to earn points and a more streamlined way to use your earned rewards. 

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How To Earn Reward Points

Check In to the Y


Each day that you check in to the Y, you'll earn 3 points.

Log Your Workout


Log your workouts through the app or by connecting a wearable device, and you'll earn 3 points for each day you stay active.

Set & Reach Goals


Need extra motivation toward reaching your goal? We'll reward you 30 points for each goal you reach (limit one goal/month).

Complete Challenges


Fitness challenges are back! Earn 30 points for each challenge you complete.

Have birthdays!


Each year, you'll receive 30 points as a birthday bonus. Happy birthday to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn activity points?
  1. Reward points earned using our previous app have been transferred to your account
  2. Check in to the Y—each day that you check in to the Y, you’ll earn 3 points
  3. Log workouts—earn up to 21 points each week for staying active
  4. Set and reach goals—earn 30 points for each reached goal (limit one goal per month)
  5. Earn 30 points each time you complete a challenge
  6. Have birthdays! Every year, you’ll receive 30 points as a birthday bonus,
What can I use my activity points for?

Activity points can be redeemed for rewards to discount future registrations for YMCA programs, including merchandise, programs, personal training, and more. When you redeem your activity points for a reward, you’ll receive a reward code that can be used as a promo code in your shopping cart when registering for future YMCA programs and merchandise.

*Rewards may not be used toward donations or gift cards because they have no cash value.

How do I redeem my points for a reward?
  1. From the YMCA Universal app home screen, tap your activity points. 
  2. Tap Redeem Points, enter the Product ID and the Activity Point Value from the list

    RewardProduct IDActivity Points
    $5 Reward5 Reward500
    $10 Reward10 Reward1000
    $25 Reward25 Reward2500
  3. Our team will review your request, prepare your reward, and within one business day, send you an email with your reward code!

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How do I use my reward?

When you get the reward in your email inbox, you’ll see a Reward Code. When registering for YMCA programs, you’ll enter this code into the Promo Code field in your shopping cart.

Can I give my reward away?

Your reward code is valid for your account only. You earned it!

Do my rewards expire?

Unredeemed activity points don't expire. Once you redeem your points, your reward code will expire one year from the date of redemption.

What if the program I’m registering for costs less than the amount of my reward?

Reward codes may only be used toward one item. The remaining balances do not carry over after being used. If your program or item costs less than your reward, the unused reward balance will be given up. For example, if you register for a $40 swim lesson and use two $25 rewards, you will give up $10 of your reward.

Reward codes may be combined.
You may use more than one reward code per product, and reward variations come in $5, $10, and $25 increments to help you select reward values that best suit your upcoming YMCA registration plans.

Can I redeem my reward for programs I’ve already registered for, like membership and summer camp?

Because rewards are redeemed in the shopping cart at checkout, they can only be used for new registrations. They can not be applied to existing registrations or toward future payments on an existing registration.

Can I donate my reward to the Y?

Because rewards have no cash value, they can not be donated as charitable contributions. If you’d like to support access to YMCA programs and services, we appreciate your gift! You can donate online or in person at the Y.


What happened to my points from the previous app?

In our previous app, app users had two types of points.

  1. Rewards points were redeemable for Y swag.
  2. Activity points were used in achieving levels and in gym rankings.

When we migrated points from the previous app, we brought over the reward points that were redeemable. Gym ranking and level achievement points were not transferred as they were not redeemable. All points now count toward rewards and are called Activity Points. 

Why did it take so long to bring rewards back?

When we adopted the YMCA Universal app, we began working with the developers to bring you an easier way to earn points and a more streamlined way to use earned rewards. Through this, we were able to bring you automatic earnings through Y visits, optional participation in challenges and goal setting, and a reward system that gives you discounts on the programs you want.

I have more questions. Who can I contact?
  • You can use the Support link in the app menu to ask questions and share feedback.
  • You can use the contact us form on this website.
  • You can call us at (757) 962-5555.

To participate in YMCA rewards, download the YMCA Universal App and sign in with your YMCA account. To send this link to your phone, text APP to 1-833-222-2118.

Need help accessing your account? Give us a call at (757) 275-9450.