YMCA Lifeguards Prep for the 2024 Summer Season

6 May 2024
Lifeguard at the YMCA guarding the pool

Pools will be closed May 19 as our lifeguards work to prepare for a safe summer

On Sunday, May 19, lifeguards across the YMCA of South Hampton Roads association will gather for their annual lifeguard training in preparation for the upcoming summer season. Due to the participation of most YMCAs, pools will be closed on this date. 

The YMCA's outdoor and indoor pools welcome hundreds of members and guests daily for swimming, relaxation, and socializing. Lifeguards play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and enjoyment of these aquatic environments.

Their responsibilities range from maintaining pool cleanliness and equipment readiness to completing weekly in-service training. These sessions involve various activities such as backboard practice, emergency simulations, CPR and First Aid demonstrations, and lap swimming. Regular drop drills are also conducted, where objects are discreetly dropped into the pool to test lifeguards' vigilance.

At the YMCA, water safety is a top priority. We prioritize our members' safety and strive to maintain the safest environment possible in and around our pools.