Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring

Take action to improve your heart health

High blood pressure is often referred to as the silent killer because there are often no warning symptoms, and one in three American adults have high blood pressure. 

Research shows that the simple process of checking and recording your blood pressure at least twice a month over four months may lower blood pressure in people with high blood pressure. Proper nutrition, particularly with a reduction in sodium intake, can help to lower diastolic and systolic blood pressure.

Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring Program

Participants will work with trained Healthy Heart Ambassadors for the duration of the four-month program. During this time, participants will be encouraged to:

  • Self-measure their blood pressure at least two times per month
  • Attend two personalized consultations per month
  • Attend monthly nutrition education seminars
  • Participants will record their blood pressure readings using an easy-to-use, self-selected tracking tool. The Y will provide participants with a home blood pressure monitor.

Participation requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be diagnosed with high blood pressure
  • Not have experienced a recent cardiac event
  • Not have atrial fibrillation or other arrhythmias
  • Not be at risk for lymphedema
  • Must be able to show that participant is a current patient of Bayview Physicians Group

There is a $25 fee to participate in this program.