EGYM Circuit Training Guidelines

Circuit Training with EGYM

  • To get started, visit to make an orientation appointment.
  • Begin the circuit at any machine. Swipe your wristband and follow the on-screen guidance.
  • Move on to the next machine in the circuit. While you may start at any machine, you must move to the next machine in order.
  • For a full-body workout, complete two rounds on all machines in the circuit.
  • When you begin your 2nd round, please give priority to other members entering the circuit.
  • Wipe down machines after every use. We will clean the touchscreen for you.

The Right Timing

  • Members move machines every 110 seconds.
  • All members change machines at the same time

Orange phase: Time to work!
Blue phase: Time to move

YMCA policies & guidelines can be found here