Frequently Asked Questions | YMCA Camp Arrowhead

Frequently Asked Questions

YMCA Camp Arrowhead staff welcomes you to the BEST SUMMER EVER! We have dedicated staff to ensure the safety of your child, while the campers experience a summer of fun and adventure. Day Camp is not only enjoyable for the campers, but also for the parents. We will strive to keep you informed, beginning with this information sheet, designed to answer the most popular questions asked about YMCA Camp Arrowhead. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to call Tiffany Herron, Camp Director. Please share this information with your child to help alleviate any questions or concerns she/he may have. We hope this will enhance your Day Camp experience.

When are camp payments due?
The balance for each session is due no later than Wednesday, one week prior to the start of the session. Payments are accepted in person or online at My Y Account. Late payments will have a late fee assessed and may result in loss of registration.

What do I do if I need to change a session or cancel a session?
If you need to change or cancel a session you will need to contact us in writing no later than two weeks prior to the session you plan to attend to be credited to a new session. Please understand that space is limited. Please see your copy of the Parent Handbook for complete details.  

Does my child need a physical for camp?
YES. The Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Social Services requires that all children enrolled have a current physical. The current physical form required is the "School Entrance Physical Examination and Immunization Certification" (form MCH 213B). A copy of your child’s most recent physical is acceptable as long as immunizations are up to date.

Do you have a medical facility on site?
There isn't a medical facility at camp however, each camp staff member is trained in first aid, CPR and AED.

What training does the staff receive? What is the counselor to child ratio?
Our staff brings many years of experience and qualifications to YMCA Camp Arrowhead. All are required to attend an eight hour YMCA of South Hampton Roads Camp Training, and extensive (thirty-five hours) training for YMCA Camp Arrowhead. We maintain a counselor to child ratio of not more than 1 to 12, well under state regulations.

What are the staff roles at camp?
The Management Staff consists of the Camp Director, Program Director and Camp Administrative Director. Most important to your child are the counselors. Counselors are a minimum of 18 years old and are selected for their leadership and caring abilities. The pool is staffed with certified lifeguards and instructors.

Can I talk to my child's counselor?
Yes, we encourage direct communication. Also, counselors are required to contact the camper's parent(s) prior to each session to establish a personal relationship to better meet the camper's needs.

How is my child grouped and whom will she/he be with?
YMCA Camp Arrowhead is divided into four nations based on the grade and gender of the children. 

Are there Special Events that my child can participate in?
Yes. Special events include family nights, theme weeks, and optional camp-outs are designed to provide fun and excitement for everyone. Special events also include tribe days. Family Nights and optional camp-outs occur each session.

How will I find out about the camp schedule and how does my camper pick his/her activities?
A newsletter will be available for the parents and include special events. Reminders will also be posted at the Sign-In/Out table throughout the session. Each tribe is structured with a detailed schedule enabling all campers the opportunity to participate in the variety of activities YMCA Camp Arrowhead has to offer.

Will my child receive swimming instructions at camp?
YES!  All campers will swim every day. Monday through Thursday they will receive one half hour of progressive swim lessons. All campers should wear their swimsuits and bring (in a backpack or other type of durable bag) a towel, and a change of clothes (including underwear). A plastic bag is recommended for wet items.

What should my child wear to camp?
Your child should wear cool, comfortable clothing suitable for an active camp day. Tennis/running shoes are a necessity! No open - toed shoes are allowed in camp.

What does my child need to bring to camp?
Campers need to bring a swim suit, towel and something to keep their wet swimming clothes in. Do not bring personal items such as cell phones, gameboys, and toys, etc. to camp as they could get lost, stolen, or broken. The YMCA cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items.  Since we are an outdoor facility we encounter a lot of sun and insects. We suggest that your child apply sunscreen and insect repellent before she/he comes to camp each day (camp staff will apply it throughout the day).  

What if my child will be absent? What if they will be arriving late or leaving early?
If your camper is absent please call the Camp office by 8:30 am to notify the staff.  If your child will be arriving late, please sign your child in at the camp office. If you need to pick up your child early, please notify the camp office by 9 am and make arrangements to pick up your child.

What if my child needs to take medication during camp hours?
Our first request is that you try and arrange a medication schedule so that it may be taken at home. However, if medicine has to be taken at camp, it must be dispensed through our Camp Office. Medication needs to be in its original container and the parent must complete and sign a release form allowing us to give the medications to the child. These forms are available online.

What about discipline?
Even in a HAPPY CAMP there must be discipline. The camp staff is trained in "positive reinforcement," rewarding and recognizing good behavior. However, should we encounter a consistent behavior problem, that child will be referred to the Camp Director, who in turn will contact the parent. If the problem persists, the child may be suspended and/or expelled from camp. NO REFUND IS GIVEN IN THIS CASE. We encourage parents to keep open communication with the camp staff. We care about your child and are here to see that you and your child have a positive summer experience.

What if my child loses something at camp?
Please label anything and everything that your child brings to camp with his/her first and last name. If you are missing something there is a lost and found at the camp office. All unclaimed lost and found items will be donated to a local charity at the end of each session.

Are lunches provided?
YMCA Camp Arrowhead takes part in the Cover 3 Food Service Program during the summer months. Cover 3 will provide each child with a healthy lunch and a snack on a daily basis. Parents will receive a menu on the first day of each session. If you camper has specific dietary needs or you would like to provide more food than the provided lunch will offer, please feel free to pack your child's lunch. Camp staff will ensure your child receives the lunch packed from home. 

Do you have an alert system I can sign up for?
Yes, new this year, parents are encouraged to sign up for a text alert system designed to communicate schedule changes, reminders, and inclement weather plans. Instructions are included in the Parent Packet received upon registration. And yes, your child will have a safe and happy summer experience!