Highlights | Annual Report 2023

Finding Support


After losing his wife to cancer, Jason found support at the Y.

2023 in review


The highlights of the Y’s service in 2023 — volunteers, workouts, youth sports, child care programs and more.

Finding Friends


Keith Vinson and his sister Sheila Bazemore share how the Y had an invaluable impact on their mom, Diane Jones, and the community of friendships she built.  

A Heroic Legacy


Volunteers are the essence and core of the YMCA. As these departing board members step down and pass their cape to the next, they share words of advice. 

Giving Back


Cheri shares how the YMCA played a vital role in providing stability and support in her younger years, shaping her into the dedicated individual who now serves as an executive director for the organization.

Strength through Swimming


YMCA aquatics director Mary shares how after being diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, her dad Rod is getting stronger through swimming at the Y.

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