House Cup Heroes

Camp Silver Beach Presents the House Cup Heroes Challenge

October 20 through November 20

In 2024, we're setting our sights on an ambitious goal - funding 209 scholarships to ensure that children can have the transformational experience of camp. The total value of these scholarships exceeds $135,000, and we've got our work cut out for us to reach this milestone by December 31.

Our incredible 2023 staff, Board of Managers, staff from years past, and camper alums are all throwing down the gauntlet to help their respective houses take an early lead for 2024. It's shaping up to be a real showdown!

So, how can your family get in on the action? We're calling on our four fantastic houses – Osprey, Blue Crab, Firefly, and Pine – to each earn a jaw-dropping 5000 points in this competition. Now, here's the deal: to rack up those points, we need your help in getting those pledges to fund scholarships. 

Help your favorite house climb to the top! On the page linked to the right, use the drop-down menu to select your favorite house. Every dollar donated will earn that house points, helping them to rank higher on the leaderboard. Let's have some fun and help provide funding for 209 scholarships for the 2024 season! 

House Blue Crab


Amount raised: $7,286

House Firefly


Amount raised: $6,760

House Osprey


Amount raised: $5,140

House Pine


Amount raised: $3,775