Why Kids Need Summer Camp

4 April 2016

Sam Smith is the Operations Director (Programs & Services) at the Blocker Norfolk Family YMCA, and has worked with YMCA camps for seven years.

What exactly is it about summer camp that leaves people talking enthusiastically about it years later? It has to be more than finally seeing your favorite camp counselor again that you’ve built such a close bond with over the years. It is definitely more than all the times you laughed until your stomach hurt at those camp skits. Summer camp is that breath of fresh air after a long, grueling school year.

The relationships and skills that are built during camp make it a magical time for people to remember years later. Whether you were celebrating with your group for finally catching that fish that was swimming around all summer, or running around the campground singing silly camp songs at the top of your lungs, camp activities are intentionally put together for campers to better themselves in some fashion, and make a friend while they are doing so.

The world needs summer camp so that unique friendships can be built. The friends that campers meet at summer camp come from varying geographic locations, races and socioeconomic backgrounds. This creates an energy within the shared experience of camp that is truly unique. Counselors are trained to assist campers to work out their own problems, promote leadership among each other and act silly and enjoy themselves all while learning new skills.

No matter what a child is into, there is a YMCA summer camp for them. It is a great time to expose them to new activities and settings and allow them to build resiliency and confidence. We look forward to seeing your camper this summer!

Discover the variety and range of camp experiences we offer in our community here or download our summer day camp guide.