A Home Away From Home

30 December 2013

Darlene is a friendly and outgoing woman who is fortunate enough to have two homes. One is the house she goes home to after work; the other is the Taylor Bend Family YMCA. But it wasn’t always that way. Although she had been a Y member for years, certain life events and a busy work schedule found her struggling with her weight.

Darlene made the decision to do something about it, and hit the ground running with Zumba®. The fun party atmosphere of this group exercise class that incorporates dance moves with Latin music helped her quickly lose twenty pounds.

But Darlene noticed after some time that her weight loss seemed to plateau. She was still eating what she wanted because she figured she was dancing off so many of the calories in Zumba® class. So she decided to try the Y-Change program where she learned ways to make healthier choices and to become accountable for what she was eating. Through her combination of a healthy diet and exercise, Darlene has gone from a size sixteen to a size six. 

You can see Darlene at the Y for at least two hours at a time, five days a week. On “Triple Threat Tuesdays,” Darlene and her friends take Tabata, Pilates and Zumba® classes! She will tell you how important the support of her friends has been for her positive attitude and healthy way of living. “I didn’t do this by myself.” She shares the credit with her Y family who motivated and encouraged her, which she says is something she hasn’t found in other environments. “I don’t have anymore friends to refer to the Y because they’re all already here!”

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