A New Beginning

15 August 2014

Contributed by Dean Mattix, District Executive Director at the Albemarle Family YMCA, and fellow health seeker

I found myself in the back row, trying to look inconspicuous. I consider myself a reasonably fit person - I work out two times a week, try to eat healthy, and get the proper amount of rest. But all of that is irrelevant when you take a new class. So there I was, taking my first BODYPUMP® class. The instructor quickly recognized me as not a “regular” and made sure I did not have any questions. “Great,” I thought, “Now he knows I am new.” He did a great job of making me feel comfortable, and I really appreciated his tips throughout the class.

As the class progressed I had many thoughts running through my head. Thoughts like, “I am sure glad I picked some light weights to start with,” and “Are you kidding me?! We just did eight reps and you want eight more from me?!” My brain kept buzzing, “Is this an hour long class? Please tell me it’s just thirty minutes.” It was an hour. It seemed like just about every time my body was screaming it cannot do one more rep, there would be a pause.

It was a great class. One of the best I have taken. I will definitely be back. Do you know what my fondest memory was? Donna. She was new too, and right next to me. Together we looked at each other in mock disgust when at the end the instructor gave the class an option to do an extended cool down or hit our abs. We both said, “Cool down!” but were drowned out by the rest of the class yelling, “Abs!” Throughout the class we would sigh, make comments like, “These people are crazy,” and look with wide eyes when the instructor demonstrated the next stance. But, at the end I asked her if she would be back, and she replied, “Yep!”

And I will too. Not because of Donna. It could have been Steve or Jim or Jane. You see, new beginnings are easier when you realize you’re not alone. So come try one of our BODYPUMP® classes or any of the other great group exercise classes. Maybe you will end up next to me, and we can laugh together as we learn that a healthy lifestyle is just as much about the new friends around us as it is about ourselves.