Choosing a Healthy Life

27 August 2014

A fear of needles just may have saved Brandi’s life. She was already taking medication for type II diabetes, but her doctor told her if she did not lose weight, she would have to begin shots. Standing just over 5 feet, she was carrying 200 pounds on her tiny frame. So Brandi joined the Y.

Not sure where to begin, Brandi signed up for Y-Change, a coach-led program that is complimentary with YMCA  memberships. She learned how to count calories, carbohydrates and fats, and enjoyed trying different group exercise classes with others on the same journey as herself. For the first time in her life, she realized that her hope of a healthy lifestyle was worth fighting for. 

Over the past year, Brandi has lost almost 80 pounds and no longer takes any medication for diabetes. Determined to maintain her new healthy lifestyle, she visits the Y regularly. When she’s not working out herself, she volunteers her time teaching Zumba® Kids, and just recently joined our YMCA staff as a BodyPump® instructor. As a mother and wife, she knows that setting a healthy example speaks louder than words. And she’s learned through her journey just how much fun it can actually be!

Since we first met Brandi in July, she has received her certification to teach BodyPump®.