Game Changer For Players And Fans Of All Ages

31 December 2014

Ten years ago, Ernie (75) and Eugene (69) met at the Y on the basketball court. They both shared a love for the game and a desire to play, and they still do. For them, basketball is a lifetime sport and their main source of exercise. They play the game “old school” style - fundamental basketball with lots of running up and down the court, passing, setting picks and looking for the open player. They started an over-40 adult basketball league at the Greenbrier North YMCA. It has become incredibly popular, and they have even lowered the age to over-30 just because so many people want to play. The community and culture that they have established at the Y spans all generations, inspiring both players and fans to stay healthy and fit with something as simple as a game of basketball.

One Y member was so intrigued by their example, that he wrote his own story, published in the Chesapeake Clipper in November. Read the article here about Ernie and Eugene and their team of senior year basketball stars: