Good for the Whole Family

7 January 2014

Rewind to one year ago, and you will find Mary, a married mother of two very young children making a New Year’s resolution for 2013. She decided she wanted to lose her post-baby weight and live a healthier, active life.  She was tired of feeling lethargic and not having the energy she needed to care for her family.

Mary began watching what she ate and started exercising regularly at the Y. She began slowly with realistic goals, and along the way found the encouragement she needed to change her old habits. She took group exercise classes like Zumba® and Body Design, made friends in the process, and now finds herself at the Y six days a week.

Mary and her husband, Nick, enjoy working out together when their schedules allow, and know that the kids are in good hands while they have fun in Stay & Play.

To date, Mary has lost over 50 pounds, but more importantly, has realized a new way of living healthy that reflects in every aspect of her life. According to Mary, “Today, working out is not only about hitting a goal, but being healthy and happy every day.”