Groundbreaking at The Y on Granby

27 August 2012

Posted on August 27, 2012 by Merv Pitchford

At the Y, we forge partnerships with members of the community to improve the quality of life for everyone in our region. Last week, the YMCA of South Hampton Roads was proud to announce the ground breaking of another family center location, The Y on Granby.

As part of Frank Batten’s original vision, assisting a community low on resources with a continual need for positive youth activities, several partners have contributed to the project. With the support of the Landmark Foundation, the Hampton Roads Community Foundation, City of Norfolk and area civic leagues, the Y will continue to promote healthy activity and programming in our region by complementing our Blocker Norfolk Family YMCA.

We feel that this community was a uniquely positioned opportunity for the Y. For the last 15 years, the Y has been bringing Community Services programming into this area without a facility. Escape to the Arts summer camp and the mobile learning center are just a few of the programs that have made a lasting impact on over 700 people in our community this year.

Opening May 2013, a fully equipped 32,000 square-foot family center, The Y on Granby, is being built and will include wellness equipment, a comprehensive outdoor aquatic center with spray park and water toys as well as a youth development center where children will learn life skills necessary to make good choices and develop into contributing members of our community.

We think it is a great time in our history to expand into Central Norfolk and develop these relationships. While this is a community center-based YMCA, like all of our locations, we are still part of the bigger movement; when you join one, you join them all.

The Y on Granby, serving approximately 4,000 people in the surrounding community will be located at W. 30th Street and Granby, two blocks from the Virginia Zoo.