It's Never Too Late to Start, or Start Again

17 December 2012

Aaron and his family joined the Y in June 2012—for the second time. He had been a member once before, but shortly after joining he cancelled his membership because he wasn’t using it. “I didn’t take advantage of the programs and lacked the support I needed to stay motivated,” Aaron said about the first time he became a member.

Like many health-seekers, Aaron had goals in mind, but needed structure and accountability to help him be successful. With his high cholesterol becoming a concern, he decided to come back to the Y. The day he rejoined, he enrolled in the Y-Change program. Through Y-Change, Aaron learned how to make better eating choices, like choosing a grilled chicken sandwich with a side salad instead of a hamburger with French fries. He also received the accountability and support he needed. His Y-Change class worked out with a coach three times a week for six-weeks, allowing Aaron to get on a routine he could stick with. “The first time around, I let other things take priority”, he said. “This time, Y-Change helped me get into a routine, make the commitment, and focus on being healthy.”

Since becoming a member again, Aaron has lost 49 pounds, 11 inches off his waist and 3 pants sizes. His cholesterol is under control, and he recently completed his first 10k. His advice to other health-seekers: “Get to know people, take advantage of the programs available to you, and don't do it by yourself.”

Y-Change is a six-week course, free for members, focused on teaching the basics of fitness and nutrition. A trained coach leads a small group of participants in weekly seminars and workouts. To view available offerings, click here.