Calling All Lifeguards!

23 March 2016


With 27 pools in our Y association—including indoor, outdoor and pools at our camps—a good number of lifeguards are required for fun and safety. The YMCA of South Hampton Roads will be hiring 250-300 lifeguards as the outdoor pool season draws near. YMCA part-time employment can be a great opportunity for many young people, with benefits including learning how to handle responsibility, managing time, dealing with adults and getting a peek at life in the working world. Busy teenagers typically stay out of trouble, and the job experience looks great on a resume.

Former president, Ronald Reagan himself, began his road to success when he took a lifesaving course at a YMCA at the age of 15. He then got a job as a lifeguard, and over the course of seven summers, went on to save 77 lives! YMCA lifeguarding just may have been a link in the chain that led to his lifelong passion to help people.

Interested applicants can apply for all jobs offered within the YMCA of South Hampton Roads association by visiting our website,, and navigating to the bottom of the page on the left that says, “Work at the Y.”