Living Our Cause

30 December 2013

Tami and Steve joined the Y when they moved to the Hampton Roads area and were just starting a family. They were simply looking for a place to work out that was convenient and close to home, but as the years passed and the family grew, the Y has become so much more. “This is a relationship,” says Tami. Aside from the state-of-the-art workout facilities and swimming pools, friendships have been formed through summer day camp, sports, family activities and events and group exercise classes.

Although she is a busy working mother, Tami chooses to volunteer her time at the Y giving back to the community. The reason is simple - “I find that the more time I spend here, the more I like it!” She says that in addition to being able to exercise, she loves the programs and services that are offered. The kids come to the Y, play in the Interactive Zone and see their friends and camp counselors from the summer. They celebrate with birthday parties at the Y and enjoy complimentary programs such as Parents Night Out and Family Activity Events.

According to Tami and Steve, when mom and dad can exercise and feel good physically and mentally, the whole family benefits. The kids are safe and there is something for everybody to do. “It meets all of our needs. We get to exercise and decompress physically and mentally, while knowing that the kids are safe and having fun.”