Member Story Monday - Ziggy

15 August 2016

Ziggy and his older sister, Zion, recenty passed their swim tests!

Every day at YMCA pools, children take the swim test to earn the beloved green necklace. This breakaway necklace shows the lifeguards that the child successfully swam the length of the pool without stopping or grabbing the wall. They are then allowed to swim in the deeper water and go down the water slides. 

Here's the story of Ziggy's swim test told by his mother, Shannon:

At three months old, Ziggy had the worst whooping cough that lasted FORever. Our Pastor prayed over him that he would have the "lungs of a swimmer." Soon afterwards, Zig recovered. But then Zig spent the next four years with a huge hole in his heart that had gone undetected until a routine checkup just before Christmas this past year. Fifteen doctors consulted and agreed that Ziggy must have open-heart surgery. He fought hard during his recovery - especially with that spirometer - to keep fluid out of his lungs, and I remember how badly it hurt him. We prayed and cried and helped him persevere. And now, he's grown bigger and stronger and quicker and more energetic (and hungrier) in just 20 weeks. Today he is down to only one medication, and we are praying that medicine will be removed in September. Based on his history, I would not have imagined Zig would pass the very tough YMCA swim test.  But this is not about history, but God's story. #lionheart #swimmerslungs #tearsofjoy #testimony #20weeksPostOp #alwaysgrateful #toGodbetheglory #wewillneverforget