Nourishment for the Body and Soul

1 March 2016


Kids in our community are hungry—they go to bed with growling tummies and go to school without breakfast. And when they’re hungry, they can’t concentrate or perform well in school. They can’t jump as high, run as fast, or play as long. They can’t reach their full potential.

Over 162,000 families in the Y’s service area struggle with consistently providing nutritious meals to support a healthy, active lifestyle for themselves and their families. But the Y is here to help. With community partners, like the Year Round Food Program - sponsored by Y-USA and the Walmart Foundation - the Y serves healthy snacks and meals each month to over 2,600 children enrolled in after-school and summer camp programs.

With full bellies, children finish their homework, build a science experiment, learn to read, paint like Monet, and play with friends. We want you to know that when you give to the Y, you make initiatives like our food program possible. And that’s nourishment for the body AND soul.

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