People of the Y: Kathleen

12 May 2015


Kathleen Morgan is the local program coordinator for Special Olympics in Dare County and a member of the Outer Banks Family YMCA. 

"I’m a swim coach and oversee sports, so anything that happens with Special Olympics, I do it. We’re trying desperately to get money. I'm writing a grant right now trying to get that money. And not only do we need money-- we need fans. We need fans! We need people to come out and cheer for our athletes.

"I was a Special Ed major. You know how you can be very vulnerable to what your advisors tell you? Mine told me, 'You need to change your major,' that I would never get a job in Special Ed, that the field was glutted. So I changed my major, but I’ve always wanted to do this. The whole time I’m in college, and then out of college, and working, I was always drawn to this. So I became a coach, I volunteered, and I was always involved. So I got to do what I wanted to do after all.”