Reflections on Mother's Day

6 May 2014

Submitted by Keaton Finch, Executive Director at the Indian River Family YMCA

As Mother’s Day approaches this weekend there are so many great memories that flow through my mind. My brother and our spouses are very fortunate to still have the Matriarch of our family with us with a healthy body and sound mind. We have so much to be thankful for, as she has always been there for us to guide us in business and in play. She is a great role model to her three grandchildren and us. She is also one of my best girlfriends and I cherish every minute that we are able to spend with one another. If you are fortunate enough to still have your mother in your life, make sure you tell her how blessed you feel. Please do not take it for granted.

My mother has always made me feel loved and appreciated. I feel that she showed me how to also be a good parent and to make my kids feel the same. When I got married 28 years ago, on my parents’ property, she was my Matron of Honor. I remember her responding when I asked her, “But you are supposed to ask your best friend to be your Maid of Honor.”  I simply responded, “I am.”  What a great time we shared planning and working on my wedding together.

My husband and I were then blessed with two healthy children. We have enjoyed every stage of our children’s lives … yes, even the teenage years. I felt at times I wanted to “freeze” them and then “thaw” them out when they turned into adults. Not really, but we all go through our growing pains as a family. But through it all they have made my life so special and enriched our lives so indescribably. We especially enjoyed their college years where they actually wanted us to be a part of their lives instead of “leaving” us. Because we bought a house for them to live in together in Greenville, NC where they went to East Carolina University, we were able to spend many weekends with them and get to know their friends and attend all the home football games to see our daughter cheer. Those years flew by so fast! And now they are both responsible adults, with jobs in their fields and living in their own homes. What more could a mother want for their children?!

As the circle of life would have it, our entire family is preparing to kick off (on Mother’s Day) a very special week. Our son will be getting married the following Saturday to his high school and college sweetheart of six years. He wanted to get married in the very same place my husband and I did … on my parents’ property in the country overlooking the pond and the 70 acres that my parents bought and developed as a very young couple. Our family calls this little place “God’s Country” because it is so very special to all of us.

So I feel like this entire week leading up to the wedding will be Mother’s Day for me. I get to spend time with my entire family, including finishing up the last preparations for the wedding and I get to witness my son getting married to the love of his life and watch my beautiful daughter be one of the bridesmaids in his wedding. This week will be the best Mother’s Day gift that anyone could ever purchase or wrap up with a pretty bow on top.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms out there!