Top 5 Reasons to Give

29 December 2015

Not everyone realizes that the YMCA is a nonprofit organization. With our doors open to all, the Y brings together people from all backgrounds and supports those who need us the most. Here are the top five reasons to make an end-of-the-year gift to the Y, according to Annie Vogt, our VP of Financial Development. 

5. It's way more satisfying than giving your money to the IRS. (No offense.)

4. So you can bask in the glory of your philanthropic efficiency— and if you give online, you save time on both your end and the Y's end, plus you save a stamp and an envelope. (Save a part of a tree.)

3. You know exactly where your investment goes and can see your dollars in action anytime you want. Just stop by any of our Y locations. And TAKE A TOUR! Seriously. Have you seen the Y's after-school programs?!

2. Your electronic gifts encourage us to ditch snail mail, so you get credit for saving a tree AND helping a kid, a family in need, teaching a child how to swim, helping a family learn about nutrition and fitness together….we can go on and on—but, again, come visit us and see your gift in action.

1. It's easier and safer than running through fire and almost as thrilling. We like to kid around a lot, but this is no joke. We're beyond grateful to you for making 2015 a great year for more than 25,000 kids who learned how to swim, and their families. Drowning is no joke—and at the Y, we are serious about swim lessons!

Between tutoring children, summer camp and healthy living programs for seniors, the Y has something for everyone! When you give to the YMCA of South Hampton Roads, you invest in your community.  And the results are quickly evident. Simply visit:

Thank you for your consideration of a gift to the Y and have a safe and Happy New Year!