Top 5 Reasons to try Group Personal Training at the Y

9 January 2014


“I wish I had someone that could push me a little harder.”
“I wish I had someone that would make me want to exercise.”
“I wish I could workout with a friend.”
“I wish personal training was more affordable.”

Have you ever had any of these thoughts in your mind? Small group personal training may be the answer for you. The Y has a great option that will keep you motivated, keep you amongst friends, and make your exercise fun!
One of the hottest trends in exercise right now is small group personal training and there are a lot of great reasons why:

  1. It’s economical – while many find one-on-one personal training to be too expensive, small group personal training (PT) is great because it breaks the cost down between 2-6 people.
  2. Personal attention – a trainer in a small group setting is still able to customize workouts for individuals in those sessions and give them personal attention while still leading the group.
  3. Support – People love company when they workout! Both the trainer and the other participants are there to cheer each other on.
  4. Variety – Small group personal training sessions allow you to keep your workouts fresh and help you avoid the boredom of the same old routine.
  5. Results – People who stick to a well-structured program get better results.

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Small Group Personal Training Monthly Rates:
1x/week 1-hour sessions $60/per month
2x/week 1-hour sessions $110/per month
**Individual/Partner Personal Training available as well. Contact your family center for more information.
(Download this information as a PDF.)

The YMCA provides many opportunities to get involved in small group personal training. Whether it’s Women On Weights (WOW), Kettleworx, TRX, or simply joining with a group of your friends and a trainer, we have what you’re looking for. Small group PT is a great option for any exerciser looking for great results.