Week In Review: September 25

25 September 2015

Member Story Monday “I began my weight loss journey in late March 2015 after seeing a picture of myself at an office function and feeling disappointed in myself. My daughter had been diagnosed with Type II diabetes, so I decided to do something to prevent me being diagnosed as well. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides and was not very active. I signed up for the Diabetes Prevention Program at the Greenbrier Family YMCA, and since March, have lost over 25 pounds. I’m still going! I love walking now and have been drinking lots more water and less coffee. I am more aware of how I should eat and the rewards of eating right. Going to class has helped me also be accountable and get the support that I need to stay strong and focused. I also take what I have learned and am implementing those ideas in my grandchildren’s lives. I want to be around when they graduate and live their lives. I have learned so much through this program and my awesome instructor, Mary. My goal is to eventually be off all medications as I live my new healthy lifestyle.”

Transformation Tuesday
Ashley & Brittney are not only cousins, but best friends as well. For over a year now, they have been holding each other accountable to good nutrition and regular exercise after completing the Y-Change program. They enjoy meeting at the Y to work out while their children are cared for in Stay & Play. Together they have lost over 125 pounds and are enjoying a more active, healthy lifestyle.

Wellness Wednesday
For this Wellness Wednesday, we focus on sleep, and improving the quality of your sleep. WomansDay.com posted a informative article on natural sleep aids here. A few takeaways:

  • Skip the snooze button, it can actually make you more tired.
  • Go outside and get some natural afternoon light to help reset your circadian rhythm. 
  • Start a "wind down" period 30 minutes before you actually lay down. This helps prepare your mind and body for the sleep transition. Many of us have fast paced days and moving from a constantly busy schedule straight to sleep is difficult. Creating a time to relax just before sleep is a good way to increase the quality of sleep. 

Throwback Thursday
Throwback to 2007 when the YMCA took a mission trip to Brazil, with then-CEO Chuck Harris. A wonderful experience for all the teen leaders involved. 

Feel-good Friday
Eight years ago at the Great Bridge/Hickory Family YMCA, Nadia took part in one of the very first sessions offered of Terrific Turtles, an adaptive swim lesson program for children with special needs. Nadia was born with a condition that prohibits her leg muscles from functioning, and loves the pool and the freedom that the water allows her. This summer, at the age of 11, she was determined to earn the coveted green necklace that children get when they pass the swim test. Her mom enrolled her in another Terrific Turtles swim class, and on July 9, Nadia passed her swim test fair and square! And it just so happened that Nadia’s first swim lesson instructor, Mrs. Shirley, was at the pool that same day to witness the victory.