YMCA Swim Adventures Teaches Preschool Children Swim Basics

20 June 2014

At the Y, we believe that learning to swim is one of the most important things you can do with a child at a young age, especially in such an area as ours, so surrounded by water. Through the Swim Adventures program at no cost to the parents, the program is fun, teaches life-long skills, and could make a difference in a child’s life or the life of another. 

Swim Adventures gives preschooler’s time with a trained lifeguard to expose and teach safety points to remember while in or near water. Some of these skills include back float, front float, dipping faces in the water, blowing bubbles and basic strokes—all at the hands of a competent instructor. The Y raised funds this year which exposed 32 at-risk four year olds to basic water safety and swimming skills. The funds raised also provided each participating preschooler with a snack, water goodies to use at pools or beaches, a YMCA swim bag and a certificate of completion.

Early Adventures-Virginia Preschool Initiative students were transported by Chesapeake Public Schools transportation to the Taylor Bend YMCA center where they participated in the Swim Adventures program for one week.  This one week basic introduction to water safety focused on increasing awareness, confidence  and rules on how to be safe in or around water. This exposure connects and extends the preschoolers developmental experiences socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively. Ultimately, instilling habits and skills which save lives.

These are the stories which bring joy and satisfaction to the heart. YMCA Swim Adventures definitely impacts children's lives—you can see it on their faces and hear it in their voices. It provides children with the basics of water safety, while instilling long-lasting life skills which challenge, but teach our youngest to be safe in water and it builds stronger developmental skills. 

View this short video for an idea of what our program looks like—happy swimming!