Updating Your Account

Please inform Member Services if a change has been made to your address, phone number, bank draft (if applicable) or family member status. It is also important to notify Member Services if you or a family member have a health concern, so that we can be prepared in case of an emergency. Membership records and cards are the property of the YMCA of South Hampton Roads.

Changes to your membership

Changes You can Make


The actions below can be made to your account online through "My Y Account"


Update Address
Update Email Address
Update Phone Number
Add credit card for ancillary charges 
Update credit card expiration date 
Register for programs
Renew Membership Account
Make Payments to childcare/program registrations

Changes handled by your Y


The changes below can be made by contacting your Family Center location:


Change membership draft billing method
Add/drop family members from account
Upgrade/Downgrade membership type 
Terminate membership
Changes to program session registration