Sauna & Steam Room Safety

The YMCA of South Hampton Roads follows YMCA National Guidelines* that restrict children under 12 years of age from hot tub, steam room and sauna use. Children 12 years of age must be supervised by an adult, and have a green necklace while in the hot tub. Children 13 years of age and older may use YMCA hot tubs without adult supervision.

  • Cool down at least five minutes after exercising prior to use.
  • Please shower before using the hot tub.
  • Steam room /sauna visitors must be clothed with at least swimwear coverage.
  • Use the hot tub only when others are present.
  • Limit tub usage to ten minutes or less.
  • Diving or jumping into the hot tub is prohibited.
  • Children under the age of 12 may not use the hot tub, steam room or sauna.
  • Use of body lotions, oils or suntan lotions is not permitted.
  • Aerobic exercise in the hot tub is not allowed.
  • Food or drinks are not permitted.
  • Please do not use the hot tub if you are under the influence of alcohol, anticoagulants, antihistamines, vasoconstrictors, vasodilators, stimulants, hypnotics or tranquilizers.
  • Do not submerge to the bottom.

Warning! Persons with the following conditions should not use the hot tub:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Disease 
  • Respiratory Problems
  • Pregnancy
  • Diabetes
  • Emotional Disorders
  • Stress/Anxiety Disorders
  • Epilepsy or Seizure Disorders

Failure to follow these rules can result in serious or fatal injury.

*YUSA Medical Advisory Committee Recommendations