At the Y, we're dedicated to providing high quality services and only the finest of facilities. YMCA programs are based on the core values of caring, honesty, respect, responsibility and faith. Those values, along with our mission, are the foundation for the YMCA of South Hampton Roads' service creed:

  1. We strive to be the very best. We do the best job we are capable of all the time in every part of our organization. We are proud of what we do and the people we serve.
  2. We are friendly, helpful and courteous. We treat all of our members, guests and fellow associates as we would like to be treated.
  3. We smile--we are on stage. We greet all members. We always maintain positive eye contact and use our service vocabulary. We tell them "Certainly," "I will be happy to do so," and "It will be a pleasure."
  4. We act quickly to resolve member issues. We do everything possible to please our members.
  5. We use proper telephone etiquette. We always try to answer in three rings and we have a smile in our voice. If necessary, we always ask if we may place callers on hold. We eliminate transfer calls whenever possible.
  6. Our uniforms and costumes are immaculate. We wear proper, safe footwear that is always clean. We wear our name tags. We take pride and care in our personal grooming.
  7. We are ambassadors for our YMCA both at work and play. We always speak positively and never make negative comments.
  8. We have a passion for excellence. We always find a way to get it done. We never give up.
  9. We never say no. We say "I will be pleased to check." We suggest alternatives. We call a manager if we can not satisfy the needs of a member.
  10. We are knowledgeable about all YMCA member and program information. We always recommend programs, classes or fellowship opportunities to our members.

To be known, practiced, owned and embraced by all staff associates of the YMCA of South Hampton Roads.