Family members have the opportunity to utilize the YMCA’s Stay & Play service up to two hours per day! A parent must be in the facility or on the premises at this time. This YMCA service is intended for children six weeks to seven years old. Our program is
considered a child-minding service, which means that a parent must be able to resume responsibility for his or her child’s supervision within 30 minutes. See the following pages for options for youth ages eight and older. 

These additional guidelines apply:

  • Due to severe food allergies, please refrain from bringing food into Stay & Play.
  • Ensure your child has been fed prior to his or her stay; regular scheduled feedings are not conducted. (To comfort young ones, we will administer bottles.)
  • Please fill formula bottles, change your child’s diaper and/or take your child to the restroom before entering Stay & Play. YMCA Stay & Play staff will locate you in the facility when your child needs a change. Diaper changing is not permitted at most centers. Contact your family center to find out if diaper changing is available.
  • Check with Stay & Play staff on sign-in/out procedures. You’ll need to complete a registration card and will be required to present your membership card.
  • Children must wear closed-toe shoes; no sandals or flip flops are allowed.
  • Sick children are not permitted in Stay & Play. A sick child is defined as a child who has: a fever within the last 24 hours; diarrhea; vomiting; rash or open sores; cough; cold symptoms; lice; etc.
  • Stay & Play staff will not administer medication to your child.
  • Positive discipline such as redirection and logical consequences will be used when behavior problems arise. Chronic problems may result in suspended privileges for a period of time.
  • Stay & Play staff will locate a parent if a child cries for a prolonged period of time (every effort will be made to soothe the child).
  • Please do not allow your child to bring any toys from home. This will avoid toys being lost or broken.
  • There is at least one staff person on site trained in First Aid, CPR and rescue breathing.