Social Skill Development for Neurodivergent Children

Social Building Blocks is designed for 3 to 6 aged neurodivergent children, focusing on developing and practicing social skills through purposeful play. Participants, and their caregivers, will be given the opportunity to engage with one another in a welcoming and inclusive environment, creating social connections with those in their community. During this program, participants will engage in structured play, music and movement, and arts and crafts activities, tailored toward turn taking, sharing, and building connections. 

Participation Requirements


Children ages 3 to 6 with a neurodivergent-related diagnosis.

Children must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, caregiver, or aid.

Children will need a method of communication to engage with others.

For safety reasons, closed-toed shoes are preferred.

How does this program work?


Meets once a week, at the same time, for the duration of the month.

Re-enrollment each month is encouraged, which may mean there are different participants and different themes.

Each session is 45 minutes, split up into three timed blocks. The first block is independent play, the second block is a staff-facilitated activity, and the final block is independent play with an emphasis on practicing the skills previously introduced.

Trained, caring staff create a welcoming and inclusive environment.