Trainer Louisa helps Raf regain function after a stroke

26 December 2023

Raf is a pilot who loves to fly. After suffering a stroke in 2020, he made strides in physical therapy, going from a wheelchair to walking with a cane.

Eager to keep pushing his limits, he joined the Y. There, he met Louisa, a personal trainer who started building a plan for him, focusing on his biggest goal—he wanted to fly again. 

Flying isn't your average hobby; it requires flexibility and mobility. Raf wanted to get into and out of the cockpit without difficulty and pain, and Louisa customized his exercises to help him do just that. Raf shares that he could've done personal training anywhere, and they probably would've done fine. But he's not looking for fine—he's looking for the right fit. The Y and Louisa have been that for him, not just ticking boxes but understanding his dream and making it happen.